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  • Published:2018
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Chosen by Ross Gay as the winner of the inaugural Jake Adam York Prize.

“‘We’re all performing our bruises,’ says a speaker in Analicia Sotelo’s brilliant Virgin, and that’s exactly the kind of precise and wise and not-a-little-bit-hurting observations this book is made of. . . . What I love is how, by leaning into the many registers of heartbreak, Sotelo makes something incredibly beautiful.” —Ross Gay

“This debut collection brings us a poet self-aware, intensely observant of visual culture and social dynamics,  knowledgeable about myth and process with a great understanding of craft. Virgin makes you look again at the power of the feminine and the necessity of feminism.” —Patricia Spears Jones

“Deliriously ruthless in its interrogation of the religious and sexual dynamics that shape us, Virgin is like a Victorian wedding gown beaded with canonical plunder and deconstructed by Frida Kahlo.” —Karyna McGlynn

“Steeped in memory, legend, and dream, Virgin is a wildly brilliant book. . . . Here family history, parable, and Greek myth combine into stories that, for all their daring, feel intimate and personal.” —Kevin Prufer

“This latter-day Ariadne indulges, declines, and so abides as to transform the ceremonies of strange and lover alike into the knowledge of hidden causes. these sly parables relate the length a ‘female mind can go’ to render acuity with charm in the face of disapproval or indifference.” —Roberto Tejada