Heidi Julavits: Craft Talk

October 3 Saturday
@ Lighthouse Writer's Workshop
Book Signing Craft Talk

Writer’s Studio Craft Talk with Heidi Julavits: Time is An Object

In books, there is often the issue of “time” to contend with—past, present, future. The reader, the writer, the characters, all exist in personal time zones that can be simultaneously discrete and shared, isolated and overlapping. Characters often have an implied amount of time behind them, in addition to a story in front of them.  As a writer, how can you best manage all that time and history? How do you set up limitations so that ALL of time is not your responsibility, or so that only a specific time is your responsibility? How do you harness time—especially the past—so that it is not a drag anchor, but an engine? Similarly, how is the future not an obligation that sends you hurtling forward without paying apt attention to the present?

Saturday, October 3, 1:30 to 4:00 PM at Lighthouse Writers Workshop (in the Grotto), 1515 Race St. 

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Heidi Julavits will sign books, available for purchase at Lighthouse through Tattered Cover, following the craft talk. RSVP to info@lighthousewriters.org 

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