Abridged History of the Subject


To be born on the eve of terror : to speak of the forged dream :
to be the war machine with two names :

To exist beyond the normative boundary : to be both self & Other :
to body the clouds brightdrifting in midday :

To be recorded a footnote : to live assessed, classified, & inscribed :
to be the voiced elegy of the troops in tatters :

To break like day in the yucca fields : to be penned the new historical discourse :
to be the river gorge & its articulated light :

To be both text & interpreter : to be rosewater & dark blood :
to be the shadowsound of history & its volley :

To be the Yucatec coast & slave & servant : to mute the saint encased in glass :
to hear the vowel & verb & vibration of horse hoofs :

To bleed the body interred in the cold ground :
to be soiled with silence : to be time & the slippage of time :

To name & etch oneself in the earth’s bruised skin :
to be heaven’s edge & its ambiguity : to hear the trace & voice of God :

To exit eve’s lifelust & understand the fate of the world :
to be eternity’s solemn hunger & the stars’ orphan :