Jan. 10


Please receive this that I send you. Please accept my apologies for the insufficiency of language: metaphor wilts. Understand that I mostly see the body as body but for our purposes it will be both sentence and flower. Please note that the body as sentence is a fragment and that I have circled with my red pen all the spaces that lack completeness. Please also accept these irises that I tore from the earth; place them in hot water. Please note first the red circle around the thighs. I have been having heaviness in my chest; it will be embarrassing to die. Please dismiss the image of my daughters sleeping like commas, the coma of my husband in the far room among the flowers. Red halo of the brain is most obvious. Haloed heart promotes cliché. Please clean your fingernails of dirt. Clip the stem of me. And when my syntax fails, please press me into an unwanted book so that, in one hundred years, I may fall on a stranger’s feet.