I forgave myself for
my Ukrainian great-grandfather who joined a pogrom 
against my Jewish great-grandfather
I forgave my Polish great-grandmother 
who tore at the braids of my Jewish great-grandmother
I forgave myself for my moskal great-grandfather 
who took the last bit of food from my Ukrainian great-grandmother 
I forgave my Jewish great-grandmother 
who informed on my Ukrainian great-grandfather

they are all here now
at the last supper
of my body
leaning on the table

each of them pulls
at my heart

rises up
carves out a slice
trots it out look
this is ours

and I have no time to ask with my every torn piece

why am I on the line?

eat my flesh
in memory of yourselves

drink of me, dearly beloved

translated from the Ukrainian by Oksana Maksymcuk & Max Rosochinsky