Fall 2023, Issue 37

Issue 37 includes:

Translation Folios with work by Ukrainian poet Alex Averbuch, translated by Oksana Maksymchuk and Max Rosochinsky; Russian poet Anzhelina Polonskaya, translated by Andrew Wachtel; and Italian fiction writer Elena Varvello, translated by Jennifer Panek.

A Feature of poems by three South American poetsClaudia Magliano from Uruguay, Eliana Hernández Pachón from Colombia, and Úrsula Starke from Chile—edited by Jesse Lee Kercheval and featuring a Q&A with both the poets and the translators.

New Poetry by International Latino Book Award–winner William Archila; NEA Fellows Michael Bazzett and Amy Beeder; Lambda Literary Award–winner Benjamin S. Grossberg; Kate Tufts Discovery Award–finalist Julie Hanson; Grolier Prize–winner John Hodgen; four-time Pushcart Prize–winner Mark Irwin; Jake Adam York Prize–winners Yalie Saweda Kamara and Christopher Brean Murray; Audre Lorde Award–winners Meg Day and Maureen Seaton; relative newcomers Mansi Dahal, Christine Kwon, Weijia Pan, Patrick Wilcox, and Alison Zheng; and many others.

New Fiction by Stephanie Carpenter, Becky Hagenston, Jacqueline Kolosov, and Luke Rolfes.

New Essays by Anne P. Beatty and TS Eliot Award–winner and National Book Critics Circle Finalist Sinéad Morrissey.

Cover Art by New York–based artist Sarah Sense. 

  • Poetry
  • Mair Allen
  • William Archila
  • Michael Bazzett
  • Amy Beeder
  • Dorothy Chan
  • Mansi Dahal
  • Meg Day
  • Ayokunle Falomo
  • Mag Gabbert
  • John Gallaher
  • Benjamin S. Grossberg
  • Julie Hanson
  • Andrew Hemmert
  • John Hodgen
  • Mark Irwin
  • Yalie Saweda Kamara
  • L. S. Klatt
  • Elizabeth Knapp
  • Christine Kwon
  • Michael Mark
  • Owen McLeod
  • Tyler Mills
  • Trey Moody
  • Jeffrey Morgan
  • Christopher Brean Murray
  • Michael Robins
  • Weijia Pan
  • Maureen Seaton
  • Patrick Wilcox
  • Maya Jewell Zeller
  • Alison Zheng
  • Fiction
  • Stephanie Carpenter
  • Becky Hagenston
  • Luke Rolfes
  • Jacqueline Kolosov
  • NonFiction
  • Anne P. Beatty
  • Sinéad Morrissey
  • Translation Folios
  • Alex Averbuch (trans. Oksana Maksymchuk & Max Rosochinsky)
  • Eliana Hernández Pachón (trans. Robin Myers)
  • Claudia Magliano (trans. Seth Michelson)
  • Anzhelina Polonskaya (trans. Andrew Wachtel)
  • Úrsula Starke (trans. Jesse Lee Kercheval & Jeannine Marie Pitas)
  • Elena Varvello (trans. Jennifer Panek)