Fall 2017, Issue 25

Issue 25 features translation folios of work by 12th century Chinese poet Li Qingzhao (translated by Wendy Chen), Chilean Nobel Prize-winner Gabriela Mistral (translated by Velma García-Gorena & Kate Berson), and contemporary Iranian fiction writer Payam Yazdanjoo (translated by Poupeh Missaghi);

fiction by Meagan Ciesla, Viet Dinh, Joel Morris, Joanna Pearson & Pete Stevens;

nonfiction by Robert Archambeau, Alex McElroy, & Hasanthika Sirisena;

and poetry by Dilruba Ahmed, Jessica Guzman Alderman, Michael Bazzett, Talia Bloch, Sarah Carson, Andrew Cartwright, Margaret Cipriano, Chelsea Dingman, Jehanne Dubrow, James Dunlap, Patrick Errington, Graham Foust, John Gallaher, Tony Hoagland, Cynthia Hogue, Sara Eliza Johnson, Genevieve Kaplan, Ashley Keyser, Keith Kopka, Kimberly Kruge, Peter LaBerge, Joseph O. Legaspi, Shara Lessley, Adrian C. Louis, Kyle McCord, David McLoghlin, Kevin Prufer, Stephanie Rogers, Elizabeth Scanlon, Analicia Sotelo, Juned Subhan, Elizabeth Tannen, Ellen Doré Watson, & Lesley Wheeler.

Cover by Denver-based artist Daisy Patton.

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  • Poetry
  • Dilruba Ahmed
  • Jessica Guzman Alderman
  • Michael Bazzett
  • Talia Bloch
  • Sarah Carson
  • Andrew Cartwright
  • Margaret Cipriano
  • Chelsea Dingman
  • Jehanne Dubrow
  • James Dunlap
  • Patrick Errington
  • Graham Foust
  • John Gallaher
  • Tony Hoagland
  • Cynthia Hogue
  • Sara Eliza Johnson
  • Genevieve Kaplan
  • Ashley Keyser
  • Keith Kopka
  • Kimberly Kruge
  • Peter LaBerge
  • Joseph O. Legaspi
  • Shara Lessley
  • Adrian C. Louis
  • Kyle McCord
  • David McLoghlin
  • Kevin Prufer
  • Stephanie Rogers
  • Elizabeth Scanlon
  • Analicia Sotelo
  • Juned Subhan
  • Elizabeth Tannen
  • Ellen Doré Watson
  • Lesley Wheeler
  • Fiction
  • Meagan Ciesla
  • Viet Dinh
  • Joel Morris
  • Joanna Pearson
  • Pete Stevens
  • NonFiction
  • Robet Archambeau
  • Alex McElroy
  • Hasanthika Sirisena
  • Translation Folios
  • Li Qingzhao (trans. Chen)
  • Gabriela Mistral (trans. García-Gorena & Berson)
  • Payam Yazdanjoo (trans. Missaghi)