Spring 2017, Issue 24

Issue 24 includes a feature of “22 Flash Fictions” with work by Joseph Aguilar, Stephanie Dickinson, Ed Falco, Robert Long Foreman, Ruth Joffre, Danielle Lazarin, Thomas Legendre, Patricia Colleen Murphy, Wendy Oleson, Pedro Ponce, Alicita Rodríguez, Thaddeus Rutkowski, & Matthew Salesses;

fiction by Bradley Bazzle, Erin Kate Ryan, & T. D. Storm;

essays by Aimée Baker, Dan Beachy-Quick, & S. Farrell Smith;

poetry by Kaveh Akbar, Zeina Hashem Beck, Eleanor Mary Boudreau, Jacob Boyd, Allison Campbell, Luanne Castle, Alex Chertok, Kevin Craft, Joanne Dominique Dwyer, Cody Ernst, Kerri French, Andrew Grace, Alexandra Haines-Stiles, Ashley Keyser, David Dodd Lee, Ed Bok Lee, Esther Lin, John Loughlin, James Davis May, John McCarthy, Jenny Molberg, John A. Nieves, J. Allyn Rosser, Ryan Sharp, Yerra Sugarman, Adam Tavel, Pimone Triplett, Sasha West, & Candace Williams;

& translation folios of work by Italian poet Lorenzo Carlucci (translated by Todd Portnowitz), Brazilian poet Denise Emmer (translated by Tim Kahl), and Russian poet Tatiana Shcherbina (translated by J. Kates).

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  • Poetry
  • Kaveh Akbar
  • Zeina Hashem Beck
  • Eleanor Mary Boudreau
  • Jacob Boyd
  • Allison Campbell
  • Luanne Castle
  • Alex Chertok
  • Kevin Craft
  • Joanne Dominique Dwyer
  • Cody Ernst
  • Kerri French
  • Andrew Grace
  • Alexandra Haines-Stiles
  • Ashley Keyser
  • David Dodd Lee
  • Ed Bok Lee
  • Esther Lin
  • John Loughlin
  • James Davis May
  • John McCarthy
  • Jenny Molberg
  • John A. Nieves
  • J. Allyn Rosser
  • Ryan Sharp
  • Yerra Sugarman
  • Adam Tavel
  • Pimone Triplett
  • Sasha West
  • Candace Williams
  • Fiction
  • Joseph Aguilar
  • Bradley Bazzle
  • Stephanie Dickinson
  • Ed Falco
  • Robert Long Foreman
  • Ruth Joffre
  • Danielle Lazarin
  • Thomas Legendre
  • Patricia Colleen Murphy
  • Wendy Oleson
  • Pedro Ponce
  • Alicita Rodríguez
  • Thaddeus Rutkowski
  • Erin Kate Ryan
  • Matthew Salesses
  • T. D. Storm
  • NonFiction
  • Aimée Baker
  • Dan Beachy-Quick
  • S. Farrell Smith
  • Translation Folios
  • Lorenzo Carlucci (trans. Todd Portnowitz)
  • Denise Emmer (trans. Tim Kahl)
  • Tatiana Shcherbina (trans. J. Kates)