Spring 2019, Issue 28

Issue 28 includes:

Fiction by Preeta Samarasan, whose debut novel Evening Is the Whole Day was translated into 15 languages; Asako Serizawa; Kirsty Logan; and Sarah Strickley.

Nonfiction by Guggenheim and NEA fellow Paisley Rekdal; novelist Sheena McAuliffe; and poets Rebecca Lehman and Celia Bland.

Poetry by MacArthur “Genius” and National Book Award finalist Edward Hirsch; regular NPR reviewer Tess Taylor; Cave Canem Poetry Prize-winner Gary Jackson; Guggenheim fellow Geoffrey Brock; co-founder of VIDA Ann Townsend; Stegner fellow Brian Tierney; NEA fellows Sandra Beasley and Michael Bazzett; Yale Younger-winner Sean Singer; and numerous emerging poets, such as Emily Borgmann, Dominica Phetteplace, Mejdulene B. Shomali, and Samuel Cheney.

Translation folios featuring work by Israeli poet and editor of the newspaper Haaretz Eli Eliahu, translated by Marcela Sulak; Ancient Roman poet Martial in new, playful translations by Tyler Goldman; French poet Muriel Pic, writing about the massive, ruined Nazi vacation structure Prora on the island of Rügen, translated by Samuel Martin; & German poet Ute Von Funcke, translated by Stuart Friebert.

The cover features New York-based artist Xaviera Simmons.

  • Poetry
  • Brandon Amico
  • Sally Ball
  • Michael Bazzett
  • Sandra Beasley
  • Jon Boisvert
  • Emily Borgmann
  • Geoffrey Brock
  • William Brown
  • Caylin Capra-Thomas
  • Samuel Cheney
  • Heather Christle
  • Andrew Feld
  • Regan Good
  • Jessica Harkins
  • Edward Hirsch
  • Christopher David Hopkins
  • Michael Hurley
  • Joseph Hutchison
  • Gary Jackson
  • Jessica Jacobs
  • Owen McLeod
  • Jill Osier
  • Emily Pérez
  • Dominica Phetteplace
  • Catherine Pierce
  • Lauren Shapiro
  • Mejdulene B. Shomali
  • Sean Singer
  • Elizabeth Spesia
  • Tess Taylor
  • Brian Tierney
  • Ann Townsend
  • Fiction
  • Kirsty Logan
  • Preeta Samarasan
  • Asako Serizawa
  • Sarah Ann Strickley
  • NonFiction
  • Celia Bland
  • Rebecca Lehmann
  • Sheena McAuliffe
  • Paisley Rekdal
  • Translation Folios
  • Eli Eliahu (trans. Sulak)
  • Marcus Valerius Martialis (trans. Goldman)
  • Muriel Pic (trans. Martin)
  • Ute Von Funcke (trans. Friebert)